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  • On this episode we're off to the movies as Stacey goes over a recent poll ranking its top 10 car movies.

  • Previously only available on Amazon Prime Video and to YouTube Channel Members, the Restoration Series is coming to everyone on YouTube!

  • The Banshee project came about because everybody is getting sick and tired of watching all these wonderful, classic muscle cars go up in price, and the owners suddenly begin thinking their Camaro o

  • The Chevy Squarebody is just about the hottest truck on the market now, and Stacey's Knucklebuster project helped set the C10 tone! Check out the full build video now on YouTube!

  • The Legendary Tom Daniel

    Question: who is the most influential automotive designer of all time? Did they work for Ford, Chevy, Ferrari, or Jaguar?

    November 02, 2022
  • Stacey answers a listener question about possibly changing his 2011 RAM 1500 into a Super Bee. After that, it’s firsts time.

  • Stacey opens this episode with a question from Brandon, a listener who is trying to figure out where to start on his first project: a ’73 Olds Omega.

  • Upgrading the Yellow Van

    With any project, there comes a time where you are ready to dig into it and start cutting, welding, and building. BUT STOP…wait a minute.

    October 08, 2022
  • LS427 Crate Engine

    Every gearhead out there knows that unboxing a crate engine is like Christmas morning no matter what time of year it is. Inside that box is a pre-built, run-in, and ready to install engine, and it

    October 01, 2022
  • The Ultimate Callout Challenge

    Are you a diesel maniac? Do you love the smell of rolling coal in the morning? Does the whine of a diesel turbo make your heart race? Then we may have the event for you.

    September 24, 2022
  • Stacey explains why it’s up you to do your research on a potential purchase and not just listen to a seller’s “speculations” on who may have owned the vehicle in the past.

  • Grilling the Van

    The crazy yellow van is getting a facelift. Last time Stacey showed off a few different grille options that could work with these older vans.

    September 17, 2022
  • “Be prepared...” It’s not just the Scout’s motto; it applies to the car person too! On this episode, Stacey helps you do just that when dealing with test drives.

  • On this episode of Tales of a Gearhead, Stacey walks through the question “What types of tools do you really need?” Then he has some advice to a younger listener about the best ways to look int

  • On this episode, Stacey discusses online automotive scamming and the things you need to look out for so you don’t lose any of your hard earned cash.

  • Stacey digs into the legal issues of auto clones, tributes, replicas and how a Copperhead that made it into the MECUM auction wasn’t THE Copperhead.

  • The New/Old Van Craze

    There was a time when vans ruled the custom scene! They had slick paint jobs (sometimes with wizards), crazy interiors, and even crazier engines.

    July 12, 2022
  • The Meyers Manx

    With summer just around the corner, the main focus for any car enthusiast is driving their vehicle and having FUN with it.  In this episode of GEARZ, Stacey rolls in what could be the ultimate open

    July 06, 2022
  • Project Red Bird Part 3 1998 Pontiac Trans Am


    June 28, 2022
  • The Toolboxer Project!

    Some of the best gearhead memories come from a time when as a kid or a teenager, we started tinkering and building by using our imaginations.

    June 16, 2022
  • A listener question about a ’64 GTO leads to Stacey to go into detail about the various car classifications and their meanings used in auto auctions.

  • Stacey digs into General Motors' announcement about the new upcoming hybrid and electric corvettes, should you splice two vehicles together and the pros and cons of the Biden administration’s plan to
  • Stacey’s tales of his early days in Nashville continue.

  • In this episode, Stacey talks about the obstacles you might face while building your dream garage, then dives into a story about the discovery and restoration of the Dodge Charger from the opening

  • Today Stacey goes back to where it began, sharing tales about how he always loved mechanical things (which wasn’t always good news for his mother’s appliances), how discovering rock and roll lead t

  • Cars can become a big issue in marriages and family relationships. Stacey helps you navigate this potentially touchy subject, then tackles a variety of listener questions!

  • Tommy Ivo's Wagonmaster

    TV Tommy Ivo was a master showman on the Dragstrip.

    April 18, 2022
  • Project Red Bird Part 2 1998 Pontiac Trans Am

    This week project RED BIRD is back under the knife!

    April 12, 2022
  • Project Red Bird 1998 Pontiac Trans Am

    The Pontiac Trans Am is an iconic piece of American muscle car history. For over 30 years it brought us plenty of movie and television memories and left more than its share of rubber on the road!

    April 01, 2022
  • Stacey goes into detail about what you need to bring with you when you pick up a new project.

  • Gearz on the Road!

    This week, Stacey pays a visit to a father and son team who are literally upside down in their restoration of an old C-10 pickup.

    March 29, 2022
  • Does your project need a new engine? Should you get a crate engine or have one custom built?