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  • Season 15: Episode 13

    1992 Ford Ranger

    Diesel Carrasco IVSan Antonio, TX

    My name is Diesel and I'm 15 years old and my dad helped me find a small truck to work on as a project. It's important to me because we spend many of his days off going to junk yards finding parts and many late nights working on it along with my uncle who always come to help us. I plan to use this truck to drive to school and possibly carry my lawn mower and pressure washer to make money for performance parts for my Mustang (since NAPA won't hire me till I'm 18). We got the truck home on a car dolly cause it didn't run and within 30 minutes my uncle had it running with a new fuel pump.  We left the bed off and I power washed it, painted the frame, installed an Ebay rear flip kit, and cut the front springs to lower it. We installed new shocks, front and rear, and replaced the rear wheel cylinders and front brake lines.  Since we had the bed standing up, we sprayed in the bed liner using the Rustoleum turbo cans. Next, we checked the AC which worked when we filled it with freon, but it leaked out so I’ll have to find out from where. Most recently, the most exciting thing is, we test fitted one on my new rims that we found on an old Dodge Dynasty at a junk yard in town.  We will also be painting it ourselves once we get a paint gun;  I want it to be white.

  • Season 15: Episode 12

    1979 Datson King Cab

    Greg BementKingsport, TN

    I bought this vehicle as a retirement project with end result to give to my grandson. Truck had been sitting for 15 years and rusting away in a garage. Being diagnosed with prostrate cancer put the project on hold for a while. Now I work as I can on it, and grandson is here on summer vacation for us to do work together.  So far we have fixed rust in cab fenders and doors, replaced all gaskets and cab body bushings, and stripped, primed and painted with rattle cans. We’ve stripped the interior, removed the dash and are repairing the pad cracks. We’ll be working on the bed and suspension, brakes, brake hard lines, bushings and such before he goes home. My biggest obstacle will be going through the motor/transmission as I’m not a motor guy other than basics. Truck came with an extra L20b motor that I’d love to hop up a little but like is said I’m not a motor mechanic lol.  

  • Season 15: Episode 11

    Ford F-1/4 Truck Go-Kart

    Tom LingelbachNewberg, Oregon

    I bought a 1948 Ford F-1 for my wife. My two grandsons loved the truck and asked me for one "just like Nana's." So that gave me the idea to build them a Go-Kart sized version of Nana's truck "Bertha." They have been in the garage helping since day one!  they were only four and five when we started; they are now six and seven and it's been a great experience for them to help and learn to use the tools. I have enjoyed spending the time with them and being able to teach them and watch them enjoy.  We built the frame and body from scratch in the garage. It has a 6 HP Predator engine in it. I have done all the welding, metal forming and fabrication myself (with a little help from the grandsons, of course). The oldest of the two even helped paint it! They have both learned so much, and are very proud of their truck "Lil' Bert." This weekend we got it finished and took them to their first car show to show off their truck. It was a great time for us! They LOVED every minute of it. It was so fun to watch. We plan to let them take it to more shows and find some fun places to get to drive and enjoy it.   I think for them to be honored enough to be able to share their truck with you, Stacey (who they have watched on TV with me since they were babies) and have it featured on your show, would be a great memory and wonderful lesson of how great all their hard work really is. 

  • Season 15: Episode 10

    1958 Chevy Delray

    StevenMaryville, TN

    I picked this car because I have always liked the body lines and the style. This car belonged to my best friend's dad who has passed away and the family finally sold it to me after trying for over 25 years to purchase it.  It's a car you don't see much.  It's been in the weeds and needs to be completely restored but I love it!  My best friend says he can't wait to ride in it again; he last drove it to high school in 1998.  I'd love for him to get to ride and drive it again.  I want to take it out to car shows and go to old diners and drive-in movies.  I'd like to drive it on Route 66 and take it to Crusin the Coast.  I just want feel like I'm back in a simpler time!  I have started pulling interior and carpet to see the floors.  I started at the motor --  a blue flame 235 -- and put new HEI distributor, new fuel pump, new wires, fixed the wiring under the hood, and pulled the side covers off to try to get it oiling.  I had to remove the rocker arm assembly and cleaned it hoping for oil flow, but everything is gummed up.  I have it running now and ordered new floor pans, new gas tank, sending unit, and inner rocker panels.  It needs about all the pans installed.  I'm working on interior wiring currently.  I really want to keep the paint if I can.  I'm trying to research the name that was on the back of the truck -- WQLT.  Apparently it was a radio giveaway car a long time ago.  There's so much I'd like to do but I'm learning as I go and have a small budget .

  • Season 15: Episode 9

    65 Chevy El Camino

    Valerie ScogginWaxahachie, TX.

    I saw this car in a neighbor's front yard and thought it could be a fun family project for my grandson's first car who is turning 14 this summer. That would give us 2 years to build the car together before he gets his drivers license. Our son agreed and purchased the car. It had been dissassembled years ago but the owner assured us he had most of the parts. So far the body has been completely removed and the frame blasted and painted. The Chev 350 is back sitting on the motor mounts, the Muncie 4 speed transmission is connected and driveline attached. Dad bought a dress up kit for the motor and Grandpa showed Brandon how to pull the balancer and install the new timing cover to complete the dress up. Grandpa also bought new headers and a mini starter. Dad found the exact new gas tank in the "scratch n dent" section at Summit Racing that he was just about to order. How crazy is that? We have a shopping list that includes new brakes and brake lines that is the next project on our long list. When Dad dropped the car at the blaster he told the owner that this was a family project for his son. The owner was so impressed with our story he has offered to let our family use his paint booth if the guys want to try to paint it themselves. We are keeping all the receipts in a binder and Grandma is photographing every step of the build. Brandon asks his dad every day if we got any new El Camino parts. This build is creating memories and bonding that will last a lifetime. I just hope we can complete this project and have a beautiful 1965 El Camino first car by August of 2023.

  • Season 15: Episode 8

    "Frankenstein" Squarebody

    James StrempkeLittle Falls, MN.

    I had an '86 Chevy Truck that had a good cab on it so I removed the cab, frame, all the glass, doors and everything off the firewall. I cleaned everything and welded up holes that I didn't need. I sanded the inside of the cab and firewall so I could paint them. I removed the dash so I could install my old dash from my rusted out '77. I installed cab corners and rock panels that I bought from LMC Truck. I painted the inside cab and firewall. Used my old dash so I could use wiring, dash pad, wiper switch, radio and dimmer switch and then I moved onto doors. I sanded the jams to prep for paint. Then I installed a motor, trans and transfer case in the frame, put the box together, the bottom and front was '73, the sides were an '80, the tailgate was from LMC Truck, the inner fenders were off an '84, the front fenders came of a '75, the hood was off a '74, the frame was from a '76 highboy. 

    The motor is a 454 with a 400 trans. It's a Heinz '57... no rust. I was saving parts for 25 years or more so I could have a nice square body. I always wanted a yellow and white truck. My little brother (69 years old) did the bodywork and paint. After paint, 3 of my brothers (69, 70 & 73 years old) helped me put the trim and bumpers on. My brothers are the best, I'm so lucky... but they thought I was nuts to do this at my age. I had to do everything in the summer because I don't have a garage. I had to get it together in '99 so I could use it to plow snow. I live 5 miles out of town and have a long driveway. This is Minnesota so the snow can get deep. I hope my story and pictures will be shown.

    -Retired USMC Vet 1966-1969

  • Season 15: Episode 7

    '77 Golf Cart

    Alan KunzmanDe Motte, IN

    This is Cole my 8 year old grandson working on the golf cart my son uses when camping. He was born 100% gear head. He sanded the golf cart body, prepped it for paint, masked off the entire cart, then painted it with rattle cans, as seen in the attached video's. What 8 year old can use a rattle can to paint anything, he is so amazing. At 8 years old he built his own workshop as he calls it, where he keeps his own hand tools and power tools.

    For Christmas last year we bought him a roller seat for his workshop and he was so excited. He is always building or modifying something. One of his projects, he used two old computer speakers and an old radio, by himself wired them into his Ram dually electric pickup. He spends hours on his tablet watching gear head how to video's on youtube. He doesn't play games as most kids, he is constantly watching how to video's on modifying or building engines, working on car's and truck's, how to lay concrete, construction of houses etc.

    I have a 2011 Mustang 5.0 I have modified, and he called me last week to tell me, after he had watched another how to video, that I needed to change out my exhaust so my car would sound louder. I have been a gear head for over 50 years, so the apple has not fallen far from the tree. In this case I don't think it fell off at all.

  • Season 15: Episode 6

    '96 Gerding Oval

    Bill PinchCleveland, TN.

    Obviously this is not a vehicle, but certainly has everything to do with the automotive hobby! Recently an in-ceiling air conditioner began leaking just after we closed our store on a Tuesday night. As we are closed Wednesday, we didn't know of the problem until the following Thursday evening. By that time enough water had been deposited on our 8-lane Oval track (made from MDF) to cause irreparable damage. A new track was not in the budget, but we were fortunate enough to find a solid used Oval at a reasonable price only 7 hours away. Once we got it back to our store, the real work began. I started by removing all the braid (which was pretty much coming un-glued anyway), and soaking it in lacquer thinner until all the old glue was gone. Old glue also had to be cleaned out of the braid recessed on the track surface. This was accomplished with a dull chisel and lots of elbow grease! Once all that was completed, the process of re-gluing the braid to the surface began. Working alone, the whole process took a couple weeks. Now it was time to wire things up. This was not actually too difficult, but everything had to be done eight times (once for each lane). After that, it was hook up the power and scoring systems and go racing! The track gets plenty of use as racers turn thousands of laps each week in our Novice, Stock Car and Dirt Late Model programs. Now it's time to put our Drag Strip together and then get busy on the Road Course!

  • Season 15: Episode 5

    '73 Lincoln Mark IV

    Erik HokeDover, PA.

    4 years ago I worked as a mechanic that did a lot of work for car dealers. One customer brought this Lincoln to the shop to get running and be a quick flip. One Saturday I pushed the car in the shop to do the normal things you do to a car that's been sitting for 8 years. After a couple hours it was running so I started checking it out for state inspectiono to find it was a '73, the same year I was born, and it only had 74k original miles.I made a call that afternoon and bought the car for a few hundred dollars and a handful of towing jobs. Since then I did some sheet metal work on the lower quarters and rockers, changed the differential to a limited slip 3.70 gear, rebuilt the top end of the 460 with mildly ported 1969 429 heads, Comp high energy cam, weiand stealth intake, a Holley ultra 750 double pumper and MSD ignition. I'm not a fancy kind of guy so I decided to transform the personal luxury yacht into a big rowdy Mad Max style machine. It's a constantly evolving drivable project that gets attention wherever it is.

  • Season 15: Episode 4

    '37 Chevrolet Deluxe

    Ron LasleyShepherdsville, KY.

    I am a race car driving, motorcycle riding street rod building pastor. I am 75 years old and had quit working on cars because I now live in an Rv with no garage but I got a deal I could not refuse. I bought this 4 dr Chevy with frame built with four link rear end and a straight axle on the front no doors no floor at all with the body just hanging. So I brought it home with no place to work on it. A friend down the road had an old barn with a concrete floor with no heat and so the project began. 6 months later I had a 37 sedan delivery rat rod I will post a few pictures from beginning to end' I put a 292 six GMC with Clifford weber carbs and headers. I am not done yet but using it now to cruise with my wife and every winter I do more like suicide doors etc.

    nickname fasterpastor

  • Season 15: Episode 3

    '69 Ford Mustang Fastback

    Larry RaganDavenport, IA.

    Back in 1988 I rescued this 1969 Mustang Fastback from a salvage yard from getting crushed. I noticed that he just pulled it into the salvage yard and bought the car for $700 took all the interior completely out of it and placed it down on the farm in the hay barn for over 30 years while I was Raising kids and growing a family. My kids are grown now and I thought this is finally my time to get to build my dream car so couple years ago I pulled it out stripped it completely down and noticed the car had the typical rust in all the wrong places. so I completely rebuilt this car from the ground up. 

    I ended up cutting the whole front end off, replace the whole front end, cowling and firewall as well as the floor and rocker panels, torque boxes, lower frame rails and trans crossover I am currently rebuilding the back half of the car now replacing most of the sheet metal. I'm building a 521cid big block with a TREMEC T56 MAGNUM 6 speed.. I picked this project because I've always had a love for the 69 Mustang and had always dreamed of having one and after all these years of holding on to it I've literally had this car longer than I have my children and it means just as much to me. my goal is to try to have a rolling chassis by the spring and then start applying some paint and start bolting in the big block and the 6-speed transmission and I hope to be driving my dream car within a year. I love your show and I never miss an episode as well as having you programmed in on my DVR. 👍

  • Season 15: Episode 2

    69 Plymouth Road Runner

    Chris LeechFleming Island, FL.

    This car was my mom and dads car. Remember riding around in it as a very young kid. Mom drove it as her car up until 1981. Back in the mid 1980's it was repainted and repaired enough to where it was drivable. My dad and uncle went through the engine. It was what car I really started to learn to drive a stick shift.

    After I joined the U.S. Navy in 1987 the car basically sat for the next 20 years. Dad had some work done on it again, restored, it was painted and stripped down to the bare bones and put back together in mid 2000's and he had it and drove it for a few more years and really enjoyed it. Would tell me people would step out in traffic to see it and stop him. When I retired from the Navy back in 2012 and on my way home from California stopped for a week to see mom and dad he gave me the car and told me to take it home with me to Florida.

    For the next few years I repaired all the little things that were not right and drove it whenever I could. Nov 2019 on a Sunday afternoon out for a little drive and running errands I got hit from someone who ran a stop sign and hurt the left front, just weeks after rebuilding the frontend. Luckily I had Hagerty insurance and they were awesome to get the car back to what it should be. Before It went to the body shop for that I fixed what rust was on the body(right rear lower quarter panel). Rebuilt the frontend suspension again, with its rare sway bar front lower control arms and I was able to find one. Then it was ready for paint because it needed entire paint done, the roof and trunk had the bad clear coat issues and it wasn't quite the right green.

    Have been working on getting things fine tuned, have updated to MSD ignition box and distributor, phenolic carb spacer to help with heat, disc brakes on the front. Possibly going to add a sniper efi setup? Have had to redo seals for rear end, rebuild brake system, convert left side wheel studs so someone doesn't ruin them and also able to find lung nuts for new style wheels. I have had to replace lots of other things, speedometer gear, flush trans, replace all foam for interior, as they just recovered what was there. Found and replaced steering wheel, glovebox. They are never done, and my grandson is also involved with a lot of this, he's car crazy from day 1 he's almost 5 now and gets dirty with me whenever he can.

  • Season 15: Episode 1

    1991 Chevy Silverado

    Jonathan GarnLisbon, OH.

    My story is a love story but not boy meets girl, at least not at the beginning that part comes later, its a story of boy meets truck. when I was around 12 years old I was with my father delivering gravel to some family friends when I saw this truck for the first time. I had always been I truck person and when I laid eyes on this truck it was love at first sight. Now fast forward 5 years I was driving past the owner of the truck's house when I saw it at the end of their driveway with a for-sale sign in it, I knew at that moment I had to stop and ask about it.

    At that point in time, I was a 17-year-old kid and the asking price might as well been a million dollars, but thanks to my family I was able to get the truck. the first thing I did was put a 94 k1500 grille in the truck since I always like that grille better then the 91 style This truck and I have been through a lot together I drove it to high school, college, I went on my first date in this truck and several years later married the young lady and on our wedding day I drove the truck which is the second part of the love story.

    But as the years went by the old truck started falling into a state of disrepair. For many years life went on and the truck sat in a lean-to and became a catch-all for lumber and car parts. I would often sit in and remember days gone by of my youth until one day I stood back and took a long look at the truck in its sad state and said to myself that I couldn't let this be the end of the truck and I's story. From there I dragged the truck out of the lean-to and started working on it. I tore it down to a bare fame and cab and built it back front that, I por-15 the frame, put new gm bedsides on it new doors and fenders too. I did all the bodywork and paintwork myself. It took 2 years to get it done.

    I am 35 years old now and I still look at this truck the same way I did when I was 12, My wife and I still enjoy taking the truck to our local drive-in movie theater where we went on our first day almost 15 years ago. Some people may say its just a truck but to me its so much more, to me its years of memories. The first pictures are when I bought the truck when I was 17, the next is when I pulled it out if the lean-to years later, the next two are when I was working on it and the last is the finished truck.