How can I submit my project for the "What are you Workin' On?" segment of the show?

Submit your project with the”What are you workin’ on?” form.

How do I get a technical question about my vehicle answered?

We will do our best to assist you or direct you to a company that may be able to provide answers. You may need to contact a parts manufacturer for technical advice.

To contact us, use the Support form (bottom right).

How do I get my car worked on by Stacey?

Due to our strict programming schedule, Stacey is not able to build viewer projects. All of his time is devoted to the show and show projects. However, you can submit your project to “What are you Workin’ on?“ for a chance to have your project shown on an upcoming episode.

How do I get my project featured on the "On the Road" segment of the show?

Stacey chooses projects from our “What are you workin’ on?“ submissions.

How do I get Stacey to answer my question on the show or podcast?

Stacey pulls questions from social media sometimes, but the easiest way is to submit the form at the bottom of the podcast page.

How do I meet Stacey and watch an episode being filmed?

Due to the fact that this is a real, working shop, with all the hazards and dangers associated with it, we don’t allow anyone into the shop while we are filming a show. However, we do have annual car show & open house events where viewers can visit, tour the studio and meet Stacey. Events and ticket purchases will be posted under the events tab and on our social media.

How do I watch an episode online?

Visit the Official Stacey David YouTube Channel for all episodes! Become a channel member for early access to new episodes.

Merch, Orders or Shipping Questions?

To contact us, use the Support form at the bottom right of every page. 

What happens to the projects that Stacey finishes?

If they are not owned by Gearz, they go to the person or company that owns them. If they are owned by Gearz, typically, the vehicles remain at the Gearz studio for promotional purposes, additional shows, events, etc.. In some cases, the vehicles may be offered for sale, donation or trade.

Where and when does Gearz air?

We air on MavTV, MavTV Select, Speedvision,  and YouTube.

Where can I find products featured on your show?

You can find products Stacey mentioned on the show by visiting the news article for that episode or the partners page. If the products were used on one of the GEARZ projects, the products will also be listed on the project page of that particular project.