• Always Cool finds at SEMA after the crowds leave.

  • We get to partner with some great people, no doubt about it. Cornwell has always treated us like family.

  • The old Weasel resurfaces for a minute. Going to try and get it back to the garage for season 14 of GearZ!!!

  • Stacey and Copperhead are back together after 12 long years. Always good to see this truck, even if it's just for a quick stomp on the gas pedal!

  • Stacey shows how modifying a TMI Products Mustang trunk kit helped him get the

  • Von Hotrod and Stacey getting ready for a shot. We get some of the best conversations before we call "Action!"

  • Skyjacker Suspensions is giving away any 2"-4" DUAL RATE LONG TRAVEL KIT for a JT/JL/JK/TJ/XJ

  • We are lucky to have a lot of original vehicles pass through the garage.

  • Come out to Rattletrap Productions, bring your ride, tour the GearZ TV studio and meet Stacey at our next event on September 21, 2019.

  • Checking the lights before the tools went in

  • We took Sgt. Rock to the Cornwell Rally in Orlando, where they were celebrating 100 years of quality! We lifted the rock on Thursday afternoon and he came down on Saturday evening.

  • Racing, Racing, Racing
    Jimmie talks LeMans, Baja 1000 and racing wherever you can.

  • Not everything makes an episode of the show…here are a couple of clips that we found.

  • The last step before we start to shape and weld. Plan it out, Put it in place, and really look at it. If something looks a little out of whack, it probably is.

  • From 5 HP to exploding funny cars, Leah’s worked extremely hard to make a living as a top fuel driver.

  • Our SR-71 Rapid Tool Express demands some custom metalwork on the body so that we can incorporate themes from the legendary airplane and blend it in with the “existing DNA” of our panel van.

  • Ret. Lt. Col. Ed Yeilding gives us a little insight on the fastest plane on the planet.

  • The Riviera hasn’t been playing nice. Can it be stopped?


  • Keep your investments safe. Insurance companies need receipts to help them appraise your car.

  • Catch a NEW episode of GearZ on Velocity Channel tomorrow morning at 8am/EST. s12ep9


  • Let us remember all who have fallen while serving our great country.

  • Stacey talks a bit about the Sgt Rock Guitar. 
  • Rob From Wheel Hub Magazine came by to shoot some photos. Wheel Hub is an incredible magazine.

  • With boattail Rivs being a bit rare, you’ve gotta hang out with other boattail owners when you can, especially when they buy the car that you’ve been watching!

  • Just a few of the nearly 1000 cars in the building at the Classic Auto Show 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Was so good to see everybody and have the V-8 Interceptor out on the floor.

  • As with any previously owned vehicle, inspecting for operational safety is a must. Here’s a good one we found. Vehicle runs, but for how long?

  • Sometimes Christmas comes early. Here’s a beauty we just picked up. Ready to Rumble!


  • Stacey just rolled in a new project! This one’s gonna be a lot of fun!


  • You never know when you are gonna need it, so might as well collect it. 

  • Jimmy asks Stacey about "metal massaging" for the Camaro fenders

  • Accidents happen, so learn how to fix them.


  • We love custom paint! We lucked out when we visited Fort Carson. Here’s a little of what we saw.


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