Cheetah Big Booty and Suspension Upgrades

Season 17, Episode 5

This time on GEARZ, the Cheetah is back in the shop after a trip to Cheetah Evolution for some major frame modifications to make this 630HP cat plant its booty firmly to the ground. Follow along as Stacey shows the benefits of getting rid of the old C4 Corvette rear end and going with something leaner and stronger from Winters Performance, and some matching Wilwood brakes to bring it all to a stop. If you have a Corvette, you’re gonna want to see this! The front end also gets some upgrades with a new steering rack and column to help the cat carve corners with the best of ‘em. After that, Stacey takes you on a walkaround of an amazing Roadster: the P-33! The level of craftmanship on this build is simply amazing. It’s all here, on Gearz!

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