When Lions Roared

Season 17, Episode 8

This time on Gearz, we race down memory lane with a visit to the Lions Automobilia Museum. The reason? To tell the story of the iconic Lions Drag Strip that gave Southern California hot-rodders and drag racers a home from 1955-1972. You can almost smell the scorched rubber and Nitro as Stacey turns back the clock to a time when a guy in his garage could swap a cam and a carb, and then show up for a Saturday race ready to go! From Hot Rods to Gassers…Funny Cars to Top Fuel, you’re gonna see it all, and get a front row look at the history of the track that helped create the crazy car culture that defined the 1960’s, and the golden era of drag racing. So put on your Rat Fink T-shirt, strap in, and hold on…because we’re going back to a time when Lions Roared!!

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