Hot Shot's Secret scientific formula eliminates stiction in diesel injectors 100% of the time, primarily the intensifier piston and spool valve.

Hot Shot's Secret oil additive not only cleans diesel injectors but other parts of the engine as well, including the o-rings and turbocharger.

Just one treatment of Hot Shot's Secret can save you thousands of dollars and save your truck from an unnecessary fuel injector replacement.

Product Demos

  • Check out Hot Shot's Secret Fuel Additives!

  • Check out Hot Shot's Secret!

  • Keep your engine healthy with Hot Shot's Secret!

  • Stacey talks about Hot Shot's Secret diesel fuel additives

    - Diesel Extreme concentrated cleaner that removes injector deposits, cleans and lubricates the whole fuel system.

  • Stacey goes through the Hot Shot's Secret Products

    - Stiction Eliminator Oil Additive for an older engine, cleans and removes sludge and reducing wear