American Powertrain exists to help muscle car owners equip their cars with modern drivetrain technology, offering overdrive transmission systems, hydraulic clutch kits and a wide range of drivetrain related parts from diff to block. Since American Powertrain opened for business we have quickly become the world’s largest TREMEC dealer. Our installation parts and systems are proudly made right here in America for unmatched quality.Our staff of highly experienced enthusiasts has years of experience helping car owners and builders make the right drivetrain choices.


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Shift Tech

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5/6 speed conversion for '78-'87 G-Body cars

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Product Demos

  • Stacey shows you how the OBS Profit Truck Kit will allow you to put a standard shift transmission into your '88 to '98 GM truck.

  • Profit Transmission kits for putting a standard shift into a '67 - '79 Ford Truck

  • Stacey gives you transmission options from American Powertrain: Profit 5 and 6spd transmission kits for '64-'72 C10 Trucks

  • Stacey shows off American Powertrain's Hydramax Hydraulic Clutch System. A great and flexible way to convert any 4, 5, or 6 speed engine to a hydraulic clutch.

  • Stacey shows off American Powertrain's X-Factor Crossmember. A great way to fit a modern transmission into your classic muscle car!

  • Stacey upgrades a 1990 Ford Mustang with a little help from our friends at American Powertrain. Ripping out that old automatic transmission and putting in an standard shift 6-speed!