Catalog Camaro

1981 Chevrolet Camaro

Marking the last year of the second-generation Camaros, the 1981 model was much the same as the previous years. The RS model was dropped and wouldn’t be seen again until 1989. Also, a new engine control computer was included in all models. Production dropped once again due to aged styling, oil crises, and declining economy. The Z/28’s performance characteristics remained unchanged. The Berlinetta was the only model to increase in production for 1981.

Original Manufacturer Specifications

  • 350ci/175hp


  • 3spd/4spd, Turbo HydraMatic


  • 62,614

    Sport Coupe Production

  • 43,272

    Berlinetta Production

  • 20,253

    Z/28 Production

Catalog Camaro Partners & Products

Transmission & Drivetrain

Magnum 6spd Tremec Transmission


70-'73 Camaro RS conversion kit, front fenders, headlight brackets & buckets, bumper brackets & braces, radiator core support, front hardware kit, Urethane Bushings, 70-73 Rear Quarter Panels, Rear Tail Panel, Lower Valance Panel, Bumper and Bumper brackets, License Plate Lights and Plate Holder, Locking mechanism and Bezel, Gas Cap, Marker Lights, Taillights and Taillight buckets, Hardware kit


High rise intake, throttle body, LS oil pan
Torquer LS3 Engine
Factory harness '81 Camaro
Chevy engine mounts + adapter plate


Splatter bronze powdercoat
Camaro Sub frame, G-comp suspension kit, Power rack & pinion, Tubular lower control arms, A-Arms, spindle, sway bar, AFCO high performance coilover shock


Direct Fit System

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