The Scrambler

Jeep Scrambler

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258 Crate Engine

Distributor, Ignition Box, Coil, Plug Wires

Ultra Por Hose & Fittings

Radiator and Hoses

Transmission & Drivetrain

Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearing


Front & Back Suspension Seats

Center Console & Glovebox Security

Tires, Wheels & Brakes

Classic 3 15x10 Wheels & Baja ATZ 32x11.50R15 LT Tires

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The Scrambler Episodes

  • Everybody knows that painting a project vehicle takes a whole lot of time and money. Follow Stacey as he revives a 40-year old paint job on the barn find Scrambler!

  • Stacey takes the Search and Rescue Jeep Gladiator one step further by adding some heavy-duty bumpers and winch. Then, he rolls in a classic ’81 Jeep Scrambler and shows what a difference a seat upg

  • There’s no question that Jeep has made some iconic vehicles in their time. Stacey takes on the legendary Jeep Scrambler and breathes some new life into this barn find!