Earl's Performance Products was founded by Earl Fouts in 1955 in Lawndale, California. The mission was to supply high-quality military aircraft surplus plumbing components directly to the racing industry from a small retail outlet. As the military surplus market dried up, Earl recognized the need for continuity of supply for the racing market and pioneered the Earl's range of hoses and fittings that are still used today. In doing so he created the racing aftermarket plumbing industry.


1801 Russellville Rd
Bowling Green, KY 42101
United States

Earl's Fittings and Hose

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Earl's offers a variety of hoses, clamps, plumbing tools, adapters and more!

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  • Follow along as Stacey shows you how to install modern fuel injection on a classic engine with the Holley Sniper EFI Kit, fuel pump, Earl's plumbing hoses and fittings and MSD distributor, coil and

  • Stacey shows you the challenges you face when completing final assembly on your project....