V8 Interceptor

1967 Mercury Cougar

The V8 Interceptor is a project that had been kicking around in my head for a long time. I have always loved the first generation Mercury Cougar and hated that they always seemed to be overlooked in the muscle car world. The Cougar is a sinister looking machine with its hidden headlamps and matching sequential taillights, and its high-performance racing history is well documented, so it was the perfect candidate to build a serious street machine out of. On top of that, the four-legged Cougar runs down its dinner on a daily basis making it one of nature’s ultimate natural interceptors, so building a V8 Interceptor out of a Mercury Cougar is a perfect match.

Of course to call something a “V8 Interceptor” is pretty ballsy. It means that the vehicle has to be able to run down pretty much anything on the street or strip, so the heart of the project had to be STRONG. A Jon Kaase Racing Boss Nine engine with an over-the-top Hilborn fuel injection sticking out of the hood not only gives the look and power that I needed for this project, but it also let me give a subtle nod to the blown Interceptor that Mel Gibson drove in Mad Max, without building a clone or copy.

The biggest reason for a project like the V8 Interceptor though, is to get people to think outside the box on their project and realize that just because a car may have been built in the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, it doesn’t have to stay there technology wise. And while it may be true that Chevy will never build a ‘70 Chevelle with modern running gear, and Mopar will never build a modern ’69 Roadrunner, that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t...because THAT is what gearheads DO and the world is a better place because of it!

Original Manufacturer Specifications

  • 150,893

    1st Year Production - 27,221 being XR-7's

  • $2,851

    Factory Price

  • 3,005 lbs


  • 111"


  • 190"

    Overall Length

Paint Code

Paint Code

“We used PPGs 9700 single stage urethane black, then lightly sanded it with 800 wet and then Clear coated with PPGs DCU 2021. I really like using 4 coats single stage urethane then going through many stages of color sanding and buff them out. Awesome shine and the urethane single stage is the same product as the clear just has black pigment in it. It turns out nice and flat with no orange peel and super high gloss. Start with 800 grit, then 1000, 1500, 2000, and finish up with the 3m trizact 3000 grit. Polish with 3m perfect it and a foam polishing pad.“

- Doug LaRue at Hot Rod Institute

V8 Interceptor Guitar

V8 Interceptor Guitar

The V8 Interceptor guitar started out life as a one-off Paul Reed Smith custom. Stacey contacted Master Luthier Jonathan McClanahan and got him working on the body and neck. Jonathan also made some real wood dash inserts for the V8 Interceptor that matched the curly maple top of the guitar, and even re-wooded the LeCarra steering wheel to match!

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The V8 Interceptor

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The V8 Interceptor project was a way for Stacey to show viewers how to take a road less traveled and hot rod something a little more unique like a 1967 Mercury Cougar. View all the episodes and watch Stacey build this beautiful car.

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V8 Interceptor Partners & Products


Chrome plating valve covers & intake of engine bumpers & other parts
Header studs
Accessories for Boss 9 Engine
Electric cut-outs for side pipes

Speedflex hose, aluminum fittings

Computer for Boss 9 Engine
Fuel Injection
Fuel filter, pressure regulator
Fuel Injection System
520ci Boss Nine Engine, 830hp, 750ft/lbs, 8-stack EFI System
Flexible dipstick
TruStart adjustable offset Ford starter
Oil Pan for Boss 9 Engine
Aluminum Radiator, Dual Electric Fans
High heat ceramic coating for headers
Factory harness, Pro series harness, customizable muscle car harness w/ remote mount harness
Custom Gas Tank
Custom Exhaust

Transmission & Drivetrain

Magnum 6spd Tremec Transmission & Clutch
67 direct replacement Mustang column w/ GM wiring harness, universal hot rod column
Bellhousing for transmission


Stainless Steel Steering Shaft & U-Joints
9" Ford Rear End (389 Gears Tru-Track Posi), 31 Spline Axles, Rear End Housing
Powdercoating reader & "X" crossmember
Polished Front Sway Bar
Independent Front Suspension Conversion, 3-Link Rear Suspension w/ Torque Arm, Pro Tour IFS Front Kit, Torque Arm 3-Link Rear Kit


Custom Bomber Gauges
Steering Wheel
Chassis saver paint (inside doors)
Custom dash & PRS Guitar wood, Steering Wheel
Bolt in power window kit
GearZ Shift Knob
Seat cushions, upholstery, headliner, center console & door panels
Heat/AC Direct Fit System
Carpet, Vintage Parts & Accessories


Billet door handles
Billet aluminum hinges & fender bolts
Custom Paint & Body Work
Render Drawing, Rear wing off '69 Trans Am
Custom Smooth Door Handles
Stripper of old Paint
Dark Glossy Black Paint
Trunk Popper Cable & Handle
Taillight Assemblies, Electric Conversion kit for headlight assembly, Hidden front headlight assemblies, Front valence panel & turn signals
69 Trans am Rear Wing

Tires, Wheels & Brakes

Eagle F1 Tires (245/40/17 Front 275/40/17 Rear)
Brake lines & fittings, A/N fittings, Banjo fittings, "I" fittings, Stainless lines
17" ModSport/Cover Lock Wheels
Front & Rear Brakes: Dual Master Cylinders, Adjustable Proportioning Valve, 4-piston brake assembly


Electronics & Pick-ups
Gas Cap, California Hood Pins

From the Store

V8 Interceptor Episodes

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    Watch the full build of the 830-horsepower pro-touring Mercury Cougar now ONLY on Stacey's YouTube channel!
    January 12, 2024
  • Watch the full build of the 830-horsepower pro-touring Mercury Cougar now ONLY on Stacey's YouTube channel!
  • This is the show that people have been waiting for, because it’s finally time to take the mighty V8 Interceptor for a rip down the road!

  • Stacey shows how modifying a TMI Products Mustang trunk kit helped him get the V8 Interceptor Cougar buttoned up and looking good.
  • On the Road & Unicure Spray Booths

    Things are rockin’ and rollin’ in and out of the GearZ garage. Stacey hits the road to find a project build that will get gear heads buzzing.

    January 21, 2017
  • The V8 Interceptor Returns

    The V8 Interceptor is BACK and wearing a striking coat of glossy black paint! How did it happen?
    June 11, 2013
  • V8 Interceptor Interior & Engine

    When you say “HEMI”, you get people’s attention! But when you say “Ray Barton HEMI” you win races. Why is that?
    June 25, 2013
  • Puttin' a Stick in a Mustang - The V8 Interceptor Paint & Body

    Everybody knows that 80's and 90's cars are hot right now, and one of the most desirable is the Fox bodied Mustang because it's cheap and offers incredible bang for the buck.
    August 06, 2012
  • The V8 Interceptor: Nips, Tucks and 8-Stack

    The V8 Interceptor is back! Stacey answers your questions by walking you through the fitment of that massive Boss 9, 520ci engine in the ‘67 Cougar.
    April 02, 2011
  • Just a few of the nearly 1000 cars in the building at the Classic Auto Show 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Was so good to see everybody and have the V-8 Interceptor out on the floor.