Drag 'n Wagon

2011 Ram 1500 Express

For a long time, I had been bangin’ on the door of the OEM’s and asking them to come out with an AFFORDABLE performance vehicle. Something with a stick and a V8 for cheap. I tried Ford with the Mustang, Chevy with the Camaro, and Dodge with the Challenger, and was not only turned down by all three, but some even laughed at the idea. However, the American public wasn’t laughing,… they were getting more angry and fed-up every day with the fact that even in the heart of a serious recession, the prices for the above named V8 muscle cars continued to stay ridiculously high. Finally, I decided that if we can’t do it with a car… maybe we could do it with a truck, and approached Dodge’s RAM Truck division. 

Meanwhile, the guys at RAM truck had secretly been putting together a program for the exact vehicle I was looking for… the RAM 1500 EXPRESS. This is a regular cab, short bed truck with a 390hp 5.7 Hemi, roll up windows, and rubber floor mats. A modern-day take on the ’68 Roadrunner concept if there ever was one! The price tag wasn’t as low as I wanted, but at just a hair over $20K, it is almost 10 grand cheaper than a comparable V8 powered muscle car, and a heck of a bargain. So when the opportunity came to hook up with RAM Trucks and showcase the very first Express on GEARZ, we jumped at the chance, and the DRAG’N’WAGON was born! 

The Idea behind the DRAG’N’WAGON is to show case the incredible potential and affordability of the EXPRESS package, and encourage the viewers to build their own cool vehicle instead of just buying what is sitting at the dealership. With RAM providing an affordable base vehicle in the EXPRESS, a person can use the aftermarket to build a one-of –a – kind truck that will run with all those high-dollar muscle cars and still keep money in your pocket. The name DRAG’ N’ WAGON came from mixing a little of the DNA of the original SUPERBEE with some essence of the legendary LITTLE RED WAGON wheel stander, and then stirring is some modern Dragon folklore. What we ended up with is a vehicle that is totally unique… and 100% Mopar.

Original Manufacturer Specifications

  • 390 @ 5650


  • 407 @ 4000


  • 13/City 19/Hwy


  • 5.7L

    Hemi V8 Engine

  • $21,110


Drag 'n Wagon Partners & Products

Tires, Wheels & Brakes

13" Slotted Rotors & 6 Piston Caliper Brakes
Tires: Ziex S/TZ 04, Front: 285/50R20 / Rear: 305/50R20
Wheels: Front: 20x9 / Rear: 20x10


2011 Ram 1500 Express 5.7L/Hemi
Accessories for the Ram: Twin Scoop Metal Hood, Bed Rug, Bed Rail System & Accessories, Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover & Chrome Flip Cap, Bike & Luggage Rack, Pedals, Sill Plates, Floor Mats, Cat-Back Exhaust System
Belltech Lowering Kit for Ram 1500
Custom Paint Stripes
Factory Flame Red Paint
Front & Rear Sway Bars


Air Intake System
Exhaust System
GT Tuner
High Performance Ignition Coils
Kevlar Sheathing for air suspension lines
Supercharger Kit


Air Suspension System (Air Pod)


Custom Leather Seat Upholstery
Stereo System

From the Store

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