Hot Rod Chevy

Season 17, Episode 10

If you pull into any cruise-in or car show, you’re bound to see a lot of cool stuff like Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Slammed Trucks, and Resto-Mods. But none of those would exist if it hadn’t been for those early Hot Rods and the aftermarket parts that made it possible to light up the night with roaring engines and burning rubber. So, to pay tribute to that hot rod spirit Stacey is rolling in a 1940 Chevy coupe and putting together a hot small block to go in it. Multiple carbs, finned aluminum and plenty of horsepower are just some of the magic ingredients that make this rod roar. But it’s not just Hod Rods on this show. Ride along as Stacey takes a legendary Aston Martin DB5 out for a 007 test drive. It’s all here, on Gearz.

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