Building a Better Hot Rod

Season 17, Episode 12

When it comes to laying out a vehicle for a hot rod build, most people focus on the engine and transmission they want but tend to overlook the chassis and frame. That can be a mistake because throwing 500hp into an 80-year-old frame can cause some serious problems unless you upgrade it properly. In the past, Stacey has shown how to upgrade a vintage frame, but today he digs into what’s involved in a full frame replacement to make sure our ’40 Chevy can handle everything we are going to throw at it. From frame to upgraded suspension and brakes, to a classic quick change rear end, this build is going to show you another option to upgrading your hot rod foundation, while checking all the vintage boxes! And speaking of hot rods, no hot rod is complete without a kicking’ stereo, so follow along as we showcase KICKER Audio, as they celebrate 50 years in car audio innovations… only on GEARZ!

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