The Jeepster Goes Commando

Season 17, Episode 6

There’s no doubt the Jeep is one of the most popular vehicles out there to modify and customize. Wagoneers, CJs, YJs, TJs, and JKs are just a few of the popular models that everybody knows and loves to modify. But what if you buy a project with a specific plan in mind, only to find all is not what it seems? Do you sell it? Restore it? Modify it? Well, this time on GEARZ, Stacey answers those questions as he rolls in a rare 1967 Jeepster convertible and shows you how to successfully change the direction of a project when it throws you a major curveball. Follow along as Stacey strips down this Jeepster and goes Commando, then starts a level 1 restoration instead of the level 3 he had originally planned. After that, we take a minute to check out the Keep On Truckin’ event at this year’s Grand National Roadster Show. So many trucks, so little time!

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