Lil Red Wagon Interior Resurrection

Season 17, Episode 9

So, what happens when you park your old daily driver or shop truck for an extended period of time? Well, the truck gets EVEN! The years of neglect can add up quickly, and pretty soon it’s on a downward spiral of deterioration. This time on GEARZ, Stacey shows how to stop that deterioration cycle before it’s too late. Using his old “Lil’ Red Wagon” Dodge as an example, Stacey shows you how to look past the faded paint and flat tires and focus on the things that matter, like the well-worn interior with the typical messes, spills, and mouse droppings. After all, if you don’t want to SIT in it, you’re not going to want to DRIVE it! Resurrecting a neglected driver requires a different approach than a typical “restoration” project, and GEARZ is the only place you’re gonna see it! It could be your next project is already sitting behind your house!

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