On the Road & Unicure Spray Booths

Season 11 Episode 3

Things are rockin’ and rollin’ in and out of the GearZ garage. Stacey hits the road to find a project build that will get gear heads buzzing. He ends up with an ’81 Camaro and some awesome stories from the seller. If you’re talking project vehicles, you’ve got to talk paint! And Stacey does just that with folks from Unicure, who specialize in paint booths and helping you get set up for that all important paint job. The V-8 Interceptor is back from a trip to Stainless works, where a custom exhaust system was made for the big Boss Nine engine. Things are about to get loud, this week on GearZ.

Released January 21, 2017

Partners & Products in this episode

Cornwell Tools

Mechanic’s Toolbox

Unicure Spraybooths

Paint Booth Systems

Jon Kaase Engines

Boss Nine Engine

Total Cost Involved

’64-’70 Mustang/Cougar Pro Tour IFS Front Kit & Torque Arm 3-Link Rear Kit

Hilborn Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Kit

E3 Spark Plugs

Quick Tip Sponsor

American Powertrain

Magnum T-56 6-spd Transmission

Doug's Headers

Electric Exhaust Cut-Outs

Custom Exhaust

Carbon Fiber Vents

Woodward Fab

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O'Reilly Auto Parts

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