SR-71 Rapid Tool Express

1959 Ford Panel Truck

There have been may times in U.S. History where American creativity and ingenuity have produced things that have raised the bar to an incredibly high standard. The creation of the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane was one of those times. Never shot down... never captured... never equaled, the SR-71 has come to represent American excellence at it’s best and I’ve always wanted to build a vehicle to recognize that incredible achievement. The opportunity came when Cornwell tools announced it’s 100th anniversary and their desire to be involved in a project that brought attention to that landmark event. So, I came up with the idea for the SR-71 Rapid Tool Express. It would not only be the world's fastest tool delivery truck but it would also pay tribute to the amazing SR-71 by being built with products from companies that show that same level of excellence found in the Blackbird and Cornwell tools. I chose a '59 Ford panel truck because 1959 was a pivotal year in the development of the SR-71. It was the year they came up with the “stealth” technology that gave the SR-71 its unique shape and ability to avoid radar. As you can see by the parts listed below, the SR-71 Rapid Tool express will be very unique... and very fast... just like the airplane!

Cornwell tools in SR-71

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SR-71 Rapid Tool Express Partners & Products

Tires, Wheels & Brakes

Wheel Polishing Services

6-piston front calipers w/ 15" rotors, Ford 9' Rear kit w/ calipers, rotors & e-brake

Button Head Screws

Remote Booster, Vacuum pump and Master cylinder w/ reservoir

Sportsman S/R 31x16.00R15LT

Sportsman S/R 28x10.00R18LT

ET Street R 31x16.50-15LT

Custom Wheels and Beadlocks


Door Panel Upholstery

Cronos Gauges

Draft 14" Steering Wheel

Custom SR-71 Gauges 

Tweaker Guitar Amp

Brushed Stainless Tilt Column and Low Profile Horn

Door Handles and Window Rollers

Unfinished wood planks and aluminum "wood" planks

'59 Ford weatherstripping - Vent Windows - Door Handles - Door Panels

'59 Ford Firewall Pad & Carpet

Interior Design and Tool Display

Pro Circuit Sport VXR high-back seat

Universal mounting bracket


Logo Print on Wrap

'61 T-Bird taillights and Trim Rings

'59 Thunderbird front bumper

'55 Chevy front bumper - placed on rear

Slot injection scoop

Transmission & Drivetrain

Custom Nitrous Ready Driveshaft

Transmission controller


Forged aluminum blower pistons


Exhaust Coating: 2500 Ultra Extreme Base Coat

SR-71 Aluminum Heads + Complete Big Block Ford 460 Build
Crank and Rods

Pro Series Wiring Harness

4R70W Blue Chip Street Smart for Big Block Ford

Custom Fuel Tank

Coating on Valve Covers

Headers/3" Pipe/Turbo Mufflers

871 Blower and matching intake w/ pulleys & hardware


Chassis/Suspension Titanium Blue, Platter Bronze, Chrome-Silver


Custom Chassis, Fast Track Front Suspension, 9” Ford Rear end, 31 spline Strange Axles, Four bar rear suspension with Penske coilover shocks. Strange center chunk

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SR-71 Rapid Tool Express Episodes

  • Checking the lights before the tools went in

  • Our SR-71 Rapid Tool Express demands some custom metalwork on the body so that we can incorporate themes from the legendary airplane and blend it in with the “existing DNA” of our panel van.

  • Stacey just rolled in a new project! This one’s gonna be a lot of fun!