Superlite SL-C

The Superlite SL-C was designed and engineered by a small group of dedicated engineers, designers and craftsmen. It never passed through a committee, and we didn’t make any Powerpoints while it was in the process of creation. That’s because we only needed to answer to our own vision of what the perfect Supercar would be.

And that is why the Superlite SL-C is so pure in line. And so technologically advanced.

Read about the Superlite car here:

Original Manufacturer Specifications

  • 164"

    Overall Length | 74" Width | 43" Height

  • 105"


  • 2,400lbs

    Weight (Typical)

  • 19.2

    Gallons (plus surge tank) | Fuel Capacity

  • 4.5"

    Ground Clearance | Depending on setup

SL-C Partners & Products

Tires, Wheels & Brakes

Racing Brakes
Stage 3 Plus Clutch System


Performance XR3 Seats
Sound deadening & heat resistant material


Firewall Grommets
Hardware (Nuts & Bolts)
LS7 Crate Engine
Exhaust system
Waste gates for twin turbos

Transmission & Drivetrain

Porsche Drivetrain
OS Superlock (Limited Slip Diff/LSD)


SL-C Supercar

From the Store

SL-C Episodes

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