• You know, it's always amazing to talk to other gearheads and car nuts and see what kind of automotive influences they have had.
  • Sometimes it's the things you can't see that can kill you!  You know, one of the most satisfying things in life is to create a custom work of art by cutting and welding metal together.
  • I’d been looking at the Banshee lately and as much as I love the body style, there was still something missing to make the car look “finished”. Aha….. I know what it is….a rear bumper!
  • Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Over the past few months there has been some shocking news hitting the airwaves in this country.
  • As the American Auto industry continues to twist in the wind, it is amazing to see the “solutions” that the politicians and so called “experts” are coming up with.
  • Well, I just had a chance to spend the day at Ft.
  • This past weekend I had the privilege of spending some time at the 10th annual, Gasoline Alley Birthday Bash, in Las Vegas Nevada.    This event raises money for the Lilly Claire Foundation, that help
  • Well, we just finished up shooting a show, and a major part of this show was the history of Hot Wheels cars.   As I brought in cars from the collection that I have cultivated over the years, I could n
  • Every once in a while, someone comes along that completely transcends fads, trends, and styles and is so uniquely original that they end up influencing our very culture without even realizing it.