The Return of Heavy Metal & Snowcat

Season 11, Episode 4

Stacey and the GearZ crew roll in an old favorite: Heavy Metal. The coolest hotrod tow truck is back in the garage and ready for a facelift. Our good friends at the Hot Rod Institute drop by and talk shop with Stacey about his plans for the paint and fab work needed to get this bad boy looking good and back on the road. Fresh from the sandblaster, the snowcat reveals the scars that were under the skin. And with the drive train out, Stacey walks through the importance of replacing gaskets, seals and checking for wear and tear before stuffing that engine, transmission and skid steer rear end back into the cat. There’s a whole lot going on.... on GearZ.

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Heavy Metal

1969 International Loadstar


Thiokol IMP Snowcat