Topping the Jeep

Season 13, Episode 5

The Jeep may be the single most modified vehicle out there. From winches to lights, doors and fenders, if you’ve got a Jeep, it probably has some accessories on it. But despite all that, one of the best things about a Jeep is the removable top. It also sparks one of the biggest debates... What is best: a soft top or a hard top? Stacey takes on the challenge by comparing a factory hard top with the new Bestop Trektop. The test will include everything from ease of install to styling, overall sound decibels and of course, how watertight it is. Hopefully you won’t get wet on this ride! Then it’s back to the shop where Stacey shows you that rotisseries aren’t just for chickens, and how an automotive rotisserie can make life in the shop a lot easier. Finally, it’s on to the right and wrong way to use weatherstrip adhesive to hold your rubbers on. Sound risqué? It’s not... it’s just GEARZ!

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