Wheel Hub Magazine, an all-new quarterly automotive lifestyle publication. Our goal is quite simple: Create the most visually engaging print magazine that car enthusiasts have ever experienced.
It’s an ambitious goal, but by combining commercial-quality photography with 20-plus page feature articles, premium paper and stunning graphic design, Wheel Hub offers a truly unique platform that lets the cars speak for themselves.
Since today’s enthusiasts have evolved to appreciate a broad spectrum of cars, Wheel Hub’s editorial focus reflects this market shift. Everything from musclecars to street rods to exotic cars to classic trucks are welcome. For the very first time, readers can enjoy a twin-turbo ’69 Camaro, Ferrari F40, SS454 Chevelle, and Jaguar E-Type all in the same magazine.
Ultimately, cars aren’t just machines. They’re a way of life.


United States

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Wheel Hub fully immerses readers in the car guy lifestyle with special interest stories celebrating the people, places, car collections, shops, and events that define the hobby we hold so dear.

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