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  • The old Weasel resurfaces for a minute. Going to try and get it back to the garage for season 14 of GearZ!!!

  • Stacey and Copperhead are back together after 12 long years. Always good to see this truck, even if it's just for a quick stomp on the gas pedal!

  • The Revell contest is on its way! We are ecstatic to see some entries starting to come in! We are receiving entries from people ranging from 15 years to over 70 years old! That’s fantastic!......
  • What’s Workin at the GEARZ shop? Stacey was using an Arbor Press while working on a Bronco this week for an upcoming Episode.
  • What’s Workin at Stacey David’s GearZ studio? We are going to start adding some GearZ Team updates to the blog to help keep you guys in the loop of what is going on around here.
  • sponsored by: TESTORS When he’s not building a full-size vehicle on the set of his hit SPEED Channel series, editing video footage, doing voiceovers, or deciding what to create next, GearZ host an
  • Well, it’s that time of year again and the SEMA show is approaching fast.  For those that don’t know, SEMA is the aftermarket, and the SEMA show is one of the biggest conventions to hit Las Vegas.
  • The idea for the V8 Interceptor has been bangin’ around in my head for a number of years, just waiting for a chance to get out.
  • It has been a while since any new episodes of GearZ have aired on Speed.  Well, that is all about to change!  Tomorrow morning, at 9:00am EST, new episodes will start back up.
  • Our friends at Advanced Plating in Nashville have survived the (grossly under-reported) Nashville Floods, thanks to the quick work of owner Steve Tracy and good friends pitching in.
  • As I sit here on the runway about to take off……my mind drifts off to all the thousands of other flights I’ve made over the years that are full of drowsy passengers mindlessly scanning the Sky Mall cat
  • You know, it's always amazing to talk to other gearheads and car nuts and see what kind of automotive influences they have had.
  • Sometimes it's the things you can't see that can kill you!  You know, one of the most satisfying things in life is to create a custom work of art by cutting and welding metal together.
  • I’d been looking at the Banshee lately and as much as I love the body style, there was still something missing to make the car look “finished”. Aha….. I know what it is….a rear bumper!
  • Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Over the past few months there has been some shocking news hitting the airwaves in this country.
  • As the American Auto industry continues to twist in the wind, it is amazing to see the “solutions” that the politicians and so called “experts” are coming up with.
  • Well, I just had a chance to spend the day at Ft.
  • This past weekend I had the privilege of spending some time at the 10th annual, Gasoline Alley Birthday Bash, in Las Vegas Nevada.    This event raises money for the Lilly Claire Foundation, that help
  • Well, we just finished up shooting a show, and a major part of this show was the history of Hot Wheels cars.   As I brought in cars from the collection that I have cultivated over the years, I could n
  • Every once in a while, someone comes along that completely transcends fads, trends, and styles and is so uniquely original that they end up influencing our very culture without even realizing it.


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