The Arbor Press

January 27, 2011
What’s Workin at the GEARZ shop? Stacey was using an Arbor Press while working on a Bronco this week for an upcoming Episode. The Arbor press allowed him to press fit splined lug studs into a piece of steel plate for the spare tire carrier. For those of you that don’t know what an Arbor press is, they’re not just really cool….. they’re also a great tool! Here is some quick info about it: The arbor press is a mechanical advantage press, and will allow you to press in bushings, bearings and races, replace u-joints, remove things, assemble things, and perform numerous other tasks that are required in a shop. Of course the only real danger of operating an Arbor press lies in crushing parts of your body during operation, particularly your fingers, and the possiblity of parts shooting out of the press at high velocity and hitting somebody across the room. This can cause excessive screaming and gnashing of teeth! The arbor press is one of the first tools you see when you walk into many garages, and we think it’s time to see more. So, Stacey is going to give away 4 Arbor Presses from Dake in Season V to lucky WAYWO (What Are You Workin' On?) entries! Jump on it and sign up to win! Go to
The Arbor Press

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