Bigfoot 4x4, The Original Monster Truck

February 01, 2011
Stacey and Crew took to the road in the ice and snow, and visited the legendary Bigfoot 4X4 shop in St. Louis! What a great time it was! If you’ve never been up close and personal beside a Monster Truck before, you need to do it sometime…… because it is quite a mind blowing experience! Kind of like experiencing that big roller coaster you’ve seen on TV commercials, you really don’t get the ”wow” feeling until you actually are in it going up the first hill! Just in case you are wondering, the tires are huge, 66x43x25 Flotation Tires and the average cost is about $2000 each! That is a lot of rubber for sure. If that’s not big enough for you, BIGFOOT #5 uses 120x48x68 tires that stand a towering 10 feet tall! Hmmmm I wonder how they get up into it? . ….and here’s something else to ponder……Have you ever wondered where the name Big Foot came from? I’ll give you a hint….. It’s not what you think…… We could tell you now…..but you’ll just have to wait and see…….
Bigfoot 4x4, The Original Monster Truck

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