The Auto Industry White Elephant

June 23, 2009
As the American Auto industry continues to twist in the wind, it is amazing to see the “solutions” that the politicians and so called “experts” are coming up with. They are all talking about new, “greener” cars…alternative fuel cars…..and cars that get better mileage and use less fuel. Now that’s all great, but the one big white elephant that nobody is addressing with all these solutions is ….COST!! The only way that GM, Chrysler, or Ford are going to survive is they have to build cars that people WANT to buy, and they have to make them affordable. These idiots don’t seem to realize that there is a recession going on and people are losing their jobs left and right. The last thing people are going to do is spend 30 or 40 grand on a new car, when you can find something a few years old for about 5 to 8 grand! This brings up a real, viable option for the consumer……Buy something used! You can get an incredible vehicle that is 5 to 10 years old… cash for it, or finance a small amount that is easy to pay off…..and drive it for another 10 years. No car payments…no interest flushing down the toilet. Even if you have to replace the engine or tranny, or have to do some major work to the vehicle, you will still be WAY ahead financially. Now of course the best way to come out on top of this kind of deal is if you can do the work and maintenance on the vehicle yourself. However, even if you can’t do the work, you will still come out WAY ahead in the long run. There are plenty of good repair shops out there that will treat you right, and they can keep your vehicle running great for you. This will cost you a whole lot less then purchasing a new vehicle. And that new vehicle is going to depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot, so that is never a good investment. Also, by buying used and utilizing competent repair shops, you are in turn supporting a small business and keeping people working. Everybody wins! Until the Auto Manufacturers get a grip on building the kind of cars the American public wants, at a price they can afford, they will continue to go bankrupt and no amount of bail-out money is going to change that. In the meantime I suggest you get out there and start checking some of those used car lots or ebay or craigslist and grab yourself a deal and get going!

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