Advanced Plating Survives the Nashville Floods !

May 21, 2010
Our friends at Advanced Plating in Nashville have survived the (grossly under-reported) Nashville Floods, thanks to the quick work of owner Steve Tracy and good friends pitching in. Although the building was mostly underwater, Steve went into action during the flood to save his customers parts and to minimize the damage. Now that cleanup is well underway, Advanced Plating is having a “FLOOD SALE” to close out the items that were under water ... May 20, 21, 22 in the parking lot of Advanced Plating. The GOOD News is that all is fine now.... of course when there is a disaster like this, rumors fly.. visions of parts floating away, rumors of EPA shut downs ... are all UNTRUE ! Steve and crew were given a clean bill of health by EPA and all customers parts are intact. Check out the tremendous flood .... that our news media seems to have overlooked... and marvel at what hard working Americans do when disaster strikes... It’s pretty amazing
Advanced Plating Survives the Nashville Floods !

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