Stunt Double

1986 Chevy 3/4 Ton Pickup

Our own take on the legendary television jump truck featured in the series “The Fall Guy.” This is not a replica of the original Chevy, it’s a stunt double: an updated version of the picture vehicle designed to take hard hits and keep going, just like any stuntman. This build is designed to encourage all levels of builders out there to make their own “stunt double.” We picked a long-bed Chevy, other builders may choose to go with a Ford, a Toyota, a Ram…whatever your vehicle, it’s all in the spirit of the build.

  • Stunt Double Front 3/4
  • Stunt Double Interior
  • Stunt Double Rear
  • Ian and Stacey talk
  • Stunt Double carpet
  • Stunt Double painted door panel
  • Stunt Double sound deadening
  • Stunt Double bench seat
  • Stunt Double seat in
  • Stunt Double door panel
  • Stunt Double window roller
  • Stunt Double rear lift rake
  • Stunt Double junk pile
  • Stunt Double u-bolts cutting
  • Stunt Double front suspension
  • Stunt Double front suspension
  • Stunt Double engine
  • Stunt Double engine and transmission
  • Stunt Double headers
  • Stunt Double engine assembly
  • Stunt Double rear bumper
  • Stunt Double cross member
  • Stunt Double old and new transmission
  • Stunt Double wheels
  • Stunt Double wheels
  • Stunt Double with paint
  • Stunt Double rear
  • Stunt Double leaf springs
  • Holley Accessories
  • LMC Door handle
  • LMC Suspension
  • Stunt Double s14ep9
  • s14ep11
  • s14ep11
  • s14ep11
  • s15ep4
  • s15ep4
  • s15ep4
  • s15ep4
  • s15ep4
  • s15ep4

Original Manufacturer Specifications


Five, eight-cylinder engines, as well as one six-cylinder type were available for 1987 Chevy pickups. Two of the V-8s were diesel fueled (one produced 148-horsepower and the other produced 135-horsepower), with a displacement of 379-cubic inches. The remaining three, eight-cylinder engine types were a 170-horsepower engine with 305-cubic inches of displacement, a 210-horsepower engine with 350-cubic inches of displacement and a 230-horsepower engine with 454-cubic inches of displacement. The V-6 engine has 155 horsepower and 262-cubic inches of displacement.


There were two manual and two automatic transmission types offered for Chevy pickups in 1987. Both of the manual transmissions were capable of four speeds and one of them had the option for overdrive. The automatic transmissions came with either three or four speeds.


The Silverado Trim Package included parking lamps on the front of the vehicle that had a unique rectangular shape, as well as nameplates with the Silverado logo. Lip moldings, as well as tailgate and lower body side moldings, were also provided. These were not found in any other trim package for the 1987 Chevy Half-Ton. All external features included in the Custom Deluxe and Scottsdale trim packages were also found in the Silverado package. These features included chrome bumpers and hubcaps, a silver-colored plastic insert for the grill, and silver-colored door handles and side-view mirrors. In 1987, all Chevy Half-Ton models were equipped with the option of either two doors with one row of bench seating or four doors with two rows of bench seating.


Silverado packages included thickly padded seats and a choice between either nylon cloth or vinyl trim for those seats. Carpeting came standard on the floorboard. The dash panel was decorated with a wood-grain design and there were storage pockets in each of the doors. There was also extra insulation added between the body and the interior, as well as on the headliner.

Stunt Double Partners & Products


Threaded Inserts for headlights

LED Lightbar

LP4 Spotlights

LVP Spray Paint

Aries nerf bar, Body Mounts, Complete bedsides: '73-'87 GM Trucks

Chevy chrome door handles

Stock Headlights, Halogen Headlights, '86 Grille/Headlight Trim

Bed, Flares, Rollbar & Inner Fenders

Tubular front & rear bumpers - Tundra Front Bumper

PPG Envirobase High Performance Waterborne Color

Primer : VP2050 Designed for custom and restoration application. Not a production primer as it requires 9 hours of dry time before sanding.

Sealer : A combination of ECS 65 and 67 to get a G6 tone. This is a critical piece of information that is often over looked if repairs or rework is needed to get a good color match.

Colors :  Brown – Rum Point  PPG # 936876 This color was created by Charlie Hutton for PPG and is in the PPG “Vibrance Collection”.

                 Gold – Pot”O” Gold PPG# 908331 This color is also in the    PPG “Vibrance Collection”.

                 Red striping – PPG # 3794 This is an OEM Chevrolet / GM Color WA 8774 that was an original color for 1985

Clears :  VC 5700 Custom Clear using VH7780 Catalyst. Designed for custom and restoration application. This product is a high gloss and is a “Glamor,” Designed to bury striping and graphics. It is a high build clear that is made to be cut and buffed.

3" Fender flairs, polished stainless steel light bar

Paint and bodywork


396 dressed crate engine, 500hp small block Chevy

Engine enamel copper

Headers & Exhaust / Raptor Muffler

Radiator & Cooling Fans

Sniper EFI Kit and Fuel Pump

86 Chevy replacement fuel tank, fuel lines & components

Trak System/Alternator
True start starter
Factory harness '86 Chevy truck

Transmission & Drivetrain

Front & Rear Driveshaft

Direct Replacement Steering

Transmission Linkage

4L80E Stage 2 street smart package transmission

Chevy flexplate


6 Instrument Panel

82 Chevy Dashboard replacement, instrument bezel with gauges, rocker trim, speakers & mounts, Weather stripping kit, sound deadening & carpet, power window kit & regulator, door panels (by TMI), bench seat (by TMI), dashboard vents & speakers, speakers ready headliner, sun visors

'73-'78 Floor Switch - '78-'83 Wiper Switch - '73-'83 Dash Bezel

Manual window frames, Filler strips, Replacement vent windows, Signature Series door panel & dashboard

Brushed aluminum door handles

81-'87 Chevy P/U kit, Direct Fit System

A/C Condenser

Control Panel & Vents

Tires, Wheels & Brakes

Hostage 20x12
Hydroboost brake system & brake lines


Front & Rear Suspension: 56" rear custom leaf springs, 3/4 ton u-bolt kit, '73-'87 shackle flip kit, axles & knuckles, Bilstein 5125 shocks, Greasable rear springs bushings kit, rear shock brace, replacement shock stud, heavy duty greasable front shackle, front shock mount, PSC '80-'87 Steering box, '81-'87 4WD steering box brace, crossover & high steer kit, Reid racing GM knuckle, Yukon Gear hardcore locking hub, Yukon Gear chrome molly axles, Tubular engine crossmember/mounts, Traction Bar

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