Greasy Hands

March 08, 2011
Quick Tips
David Hyde from Richardson, TX says: When I'm about to handle one of those 'dirty-greasies', I put about a teaspoon of Dawn liquid dish detergent in my hand and then just rub it in until it is dry. When the job is over, I just wash my hands. It's amazing! An additional tip concerning "mechanic hands" that my wife lovingly shared with me was to soak your finger nails in denture cleaner! The cleaner supposedly pulls out the dirt and leaves the nail tips pearly white. It just sounds too much like a manicure to me (and why the word manicure has "man" in it, I don't know) so she hasn't talked me in to trying this one yet! If any of you try it, let me know how it works, I promise not to make too much fun of you! Stacey's comments? Great tip, David. I have never tried soap but regular hand lotion works the same way. It fills the pores in your hands preventing the dirt from sinking into the cracks. You just have to watch out if your hands get sweaty during the job, holding on to a wrench might be a challenge!

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