Miller TIG Welding Tips: 4 Tips on Technique

March 08, 2011
Quick Tips
The idea of learning to TIG weld is often thought of as a pretty daunting task. Couple together unfamiliar equipment with improper weld technique, and throw in the misconception that 'only elite welders can TIG', and it's enough to prevent someone from even giving it a shot. However with a few simple pointers on technique, you can prevent the majority of the bad habits that get most beginning TIG welders in trouble. It boils down to 4 simple tips: PowerTorch position should be perpendicular to the weld joint with about a 15° to 20° push angle in the direction of travel and with the tungsten about 1/8” off of the work piece. Too steep an angle directs the arc too far in front of the area to be welded decreasing penetration and can prematurely melt off the filler rod. Too close to the work piece and you increase the risk of contaminating the tungsten in the molten puddle. Too far away, and the arc spreads out too wide decreasing penetration. Create the weld puddle quickly. . Slowly creating a puddle only adds additional heat into the work piece and increases the chance of warpage/distortion. Insert the filler material at as low an angle as possible into the weld puddle. Dipping the filler rod into the puddle at a low angle lessens the chance of touching and contaminating the tungsten. Don’t use the arc to melt the filler rod. The arc from the torch melts the base material and creates a molten puddle and it?s the heat of that molten puddle melts the filler rod. By keeping these 4 tips in mind when starting off, it will prevent much of the frustration that many people have when they are first learning to TIG weld on their own. For more TIG Welding Resources, check out Insert the filler material at as low an angle as possible into the weld puddle.

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