Platinum & The Iron Giant

October 14, 2021

Stacey shows how America’s oldest tool company, Cornwell Tools, is changing the way you look at tool storage with their Platinum Series boxes and accessories.  Never again will you have to sell a small box to get a larger one. With the Platinum series, you can just add to it to create your own custom tool center.   Like Legos, but much cooler!   After that, he rolls out one of the biggest and baddest toolboxes around - The Iron Giant!  But massive boxes and tool storage won’t do you any good if you can’t utilize it properly, so we also show you how to do that with the unique tool grid system.  Then hang around as Stacey shows how to measure and calculate for new wheels and tires on “Old Crusty"—his M715 Jeep truck.  If you have an odd vehicle and need custom wheels for it, you need to see this show!  

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