Season 5 Episode 2

One of the most exciting and time consuming parts of any project is the final assembly. This is where you bring it all together into a finished vehicle, and where attention to detail is so important. Today on GEARZ Stacey walks thru some of the things that need to be done on a project before you can actually call it “done”. Fuel system, electrical, driveshaft, these are all things that are easy to overlook and have a way of rearing their head to bite you at the end of a project. But with a little pre-planning and the right products, Stacey shows you how you can easily breeze downhill and to the finish line on a project, instead of crashing and burning so close to the finish line! After that we take a look at the amazing 90 year history of Cornwell tools and why they are considered the best kept secret in the tool world. Only on GEARZ!


(2) Four barrel carbs

Earl's Plumbing

Pro-Flex fuel line, Speed Flex fuel lines, Classic red & blue fuel fittings

Tuff Stuff Performance

80 amp chrome alternator, High torque starter

Optima Batteries

Yellow top deep cell battery

Quiet Ride Solutions

Finned aluminum battery box (Bitchin' Products)

Royal Purple

Break-In oil

Stylin' Trucks

Custom floor mats

Cornwell Tools

Tour of Cornwell plant/Making a wrench