Grilling the Van

Season 16, Episode 9

The crazy yellow van is getting a facelift. Last time Stacey showed off a few different grille options that could work with these older vans. It’s good riddance to that clunky plastic face, and hello to some real steel. But with every modification, there are bound to be a couple of roadblocks. But this is a rocking van, and just like the A-Team, roadblocks are something vans were meant to break through. Hang on tight, 'cause Stacey’s gonna show you what it takes build your own brackets to relocate the headlights and keep them fully adjustable and serviceable with OEM parts. What’s more, taking care of these mods is just the beginning. The van craze is Back! And just like Mr. T. used to say, "we pity the fool that don’t watch this vantastic episode!"

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