LS427 Crate Engine

Season 16, Episode 11

Every gearhead out there knows that unboxing a crate engine is like Christmas morning no matter what time of year it is. Inside that box is a pre-built, run-in, and ready to install engine, and it means the heart and soul of your project has finally arrived! Well, we’re no different on GEARZ, and today, Stacey unboxes a 570hp GM Performance LS 427! But it’s not just the engine, it’s also the matching 6L80E transmission and the plug and play kit that will allow us to install this setup in virtually anything. But just like a Christmas morning toy that needs batteries to work, this crate engine is going to need a few extra things before Stacey can drop it into our classic yellow chevy van. We’re talking engine accessories, headers, and all the other things that you need to address when you’re thinking about doing a motor swap on your project. After that we dig into some paint tech as well as how to keep the heat down on your exhaust system. It’s all here, on Gearz.

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The Yellow Van

1981 GMC Vandura with LS 427 Crate Engine