1984 Pontiac Fiero

Don and Mila Farnham
North East, PA

My daughter (Mila) is on her fourth vehicle at age 17, not due to any accidents. She sold a Dodge Durango and in searching for a replacement she found a 1984 Pontiac Fiero SE. With the flip up headlights, she had to have it. We are in the process of getting it put back together after replacing worn parts to make it a reliable daily driver. So far, we have repaired/replaced: clutch, lower ball joints, struts, numerous gaskets, egr valve, windshield washer pump, flip up headlight, motor mount, transmission mounts, parking brake cables, getting all lights to work, slave cylinder, tie rod ends, poly bushing set, a lot of fresh paint. We will be working on a new exhaust when we get it back together. Mila has put in hours of work on each car she's owned. But this project has been the most extensive we've done so far. It will not be a show car but just a fun daily driver. We've been going to car shows and cruise-ins and would like to take her car to a few shows when we get it back on the road.