1975 Plymouth Scamp

Mark Ishmael
Brookings, SD

My best friend and his family had a handful of Dusters, and I wanted a car that I could build myself and be different from theirs but still be similar so when I needed help it was a phone call away. I had a 1970 El Camino at the time and mentioned to a coworker that I was thinking about selling it and he said he was looking for one. He had a 75 Scamp he was working on and offered to trade. I looked at the car and it was in pretty good shape, completely gutted of interior, didn't run, and had some body work started on it. I thought it over and ended up doing the trade. This project is important to me because it's the first car that I am building mainly by myself and with the help of friends and family. I plan on making this my semi-daily driver and weekend warrior to go to the track and have fun then drive home and start my week all over. Something I can take family and friends cruising in and take to car shows to talk about it and what I've done to it. When I got it, I primed all the bare metal so it wouldn't start rusting. I did a bunch of troubleshooting trying to get it running and by word of mouth through the car community I got turned to a big Mopar guy and got ahold of him about the car. We figured out a time to bring it down and he had it for about a month and found part of the wiring harness was bad, replaced it, and it ran. I got it back from him and started slowly gathering parts for it. Found some wheels and ordered tires for it, then got those installed. Bought a parts car for the interior and some extra parts. Got some subframe connectors to be welded in along with a trunk pan. That's all I have done on it so far due to surgery on my hand.