1955 Chevy Nomad

John Davila
Reno, NV

I always wanted a '55 Nomad ever since I saw one at the age of 11. It just tripped my trigger. Fast forward to now. My now uncle by marriage had a friend who had a Nomad. He said, "the cool thing is, it has Packard rear lights.” Now jump back to 11 years old, 1972. That Nomad I saw had funny rear lights, probably the main reason I remembered it so vividly. Back to now. The Nomad my uncle was referring to was, in fact the same Nomad I saw as a kid! By way of timing and sheer luck, I got an opportunity to purchase that same Nomad. So, I did. It was in pieces. I’m at the point of preparing for paint. It has been a difficult journey so far but I’m seeing the light. I’ve managed to collect all the rarest parts needed to complete this rare beauty. It will be an eye catcher when I’m done: black outside with white interior. Another car I love is the '65 Chevy SS. I have the '65 bucket seats and console so that will be the theme: 2 of my favorite cars in one beautiful rendition. It will be powered by a BB 396 with the Speedmaster downdraft fuel injection system. It has a Wilwood brake system and a Ford 9” limited slip rear end cut down to a 50” width to give the wheels that dramatic deep offset. Any flashy accessories will be installed making this BB stand out. As you can see, I’m in love with my car. I waited almost 50 years to get this rare gem of a '55 Nomad. Can’t wait to finish it.