SINCE 1937

When something starts out as a success in the racing industry, it’s inevitable the automobile industry wants it. This is the story of zMAX® Micro-lubricant. For over eight decades, our customers have reaped the benefits of using zMAX in their gas or diesel engine, fuel system and transmissionzMAX can also be used for 2- and 4-cycle engines, firearms, RV's, diesel trucks, locomotives and piston-driven aircraft engines. Because our customers have asked, the zMAX line has expanded to include aerosols, sprays, and racing oils

zMAX All-Purpose Degreaser

All-Purpose Degreaser

zMAX All-Purpose Degreaser helps remove or dissolve grease, grime and oil from chrome, stainless steel, metallic parts, automotive parts, heavy machinery and maintenance equipment.


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  • SINCE 1937