Miller Welding and Cutting Tips for Gearz #1

March 08, 2011
Quick Tips
Miller Welding and Cutting Tips for Gearz MIG Welding Tips If you have always wanted a welder, but don't know which process is best for you, the most logical choice for starting out is the MIG process. MIG welding is the easiest to learn and can be used for most common materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The MIG process can be used to weld materials from 24 gauge (.024" thick) to 1/2" thick in a single pass. Some of the key things to consider when purchasing your first welder are: What power do you have in your garage? 115V or 230V What materials will you be welding? Does the welder need to be portable? How thick of material will you be welding? Will you be using your machine occasionally or for 8 hours everyday? Once you can answer these questions, either visit Miller's Smart Selector or your local Miller distributor to get help picking the MIG welder that is right for your application. To locate a Miller Distributor near you, use our distributor locator.

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