Miller Plasma Cutting Tip #3: Using a Roller Guide

March 08, 2011
Quick Tips
Miller Welding and Cutting Tips for Gearz Plasma Cutting Tip #3 An easy way to maintain a consistent standoff is to use a roller guide (Fig. 1). The roller guide also makes cutting straight lines really easy: just clamp a straight edge, piece of metal or other guide to your work piece and follow the edge. Circle cutting guides (which also can be used as a standoff guide) allow you to cut perfect circles of varying sizes. (Fig. 2). For cutting specific and/or repeatable shapes, make a template and trace along the edge. Remember to consider the cut width (kerf) and the distance from the edge of the tip or drag shield to the center of the tip opening when determining template size! When possible, clamp the template to the base metal so it doesn't shift during cutting (Fig. 3). When using your plasma cutter, keep the preceding tips in mind. It will help you optimize your plasma cutting for better fit-up and increased productivity while reducing consumable wear. Visit for more plasma cutting resources, including videos and how-to articles.

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