Keep Organized - Down to the Nuts and Bolts

March 08, 2011
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Mike Counas from Columbia, SC says: ? As I grow older my eyesight and my memory are not what they used to be. I just finished installing a waterpump and timing belt on my 1993 Suzuki Samurai. The tear down left me with a lot of different sized bolts so I sorted them in styrofoam coffee cups with the part they went on marked with a sharpie. Because some of the bolts needed to go back in the exact hole from where they came,I made diagrams on foam core board and placed the bolts in the exact location. I also jotted down the size of socket required for each component for quick reference on the rebuild. Stacey's Comments:? This is a great reminder of how important ORGANIZATION is to a project. Making diagrams or putting the hardware (bolts) in the holes they came out of until you are ready for the new part, are great ways to make sure everything goes back together right?especially over a period of time. This is also a good time to check and replace old hardware or bolts that are worn out.

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