March 08, 2011
Quick Tips
Rod Peterson from Ormond Beach, FL says: Forget latex, too many solvents in the shop will make them disappear--gasoline, lacquer thinner, acetone.... Try nitrile instead. Any place you think you would use latex, substitute nitrile. They're usually blue and slightly thicker than latex, but still thinner than "rubber" gloves. You'll never use latex again. Stacey's comments? Oh so true! I bet we've all had a few latex gloves "disintegrate" in our hands as we were using them. The nitrate is also tougher and more resistant to rips and tears than latex. Keeping a variety of gloves in your workshop is a great idea. Heavy leather gloves are useful when lifting heavy items with sharp edges, welding, etc. Chemical-resistant rubber or nitrile gloves are recommended when handling cleaning solvent, gasoline, paint stripper or other dangerous chemicals. Thin latex gloves are great for keeping your hands clean and even offer a little bit of protection from skinned knuckles and minor bruises.

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