News Updates.... We're Back!!!!

May 28, 2010

It has been a while since any new episodes of GearZ have aired on Speed.  Well, that is all about to change!  Tomorrow morning, at 9:00am EST, new episodes will start back up.  

We have been very busy getting them all filmed and edited so we could get them to you as fast as possible.  Plus, Speed ordered 2 more episodes for this season!  So that will make for a total of 15!  

So what have we been up to?  Well, in this weekend's episode Stacey rolls in a '59 Ford Stepside Truck that is being built by the Herobox organization to help raise awareness for their goal of sending Heroboxes to all of our men and women serving in the Military.  It's a great cause and a great truck and both need to be seen!  The truck has already received a lot of modifications, but Stacey adds his special touch by installing custom wood in the bed, trying out a new roll-on bedliner, and sinking some cool 60's Corvette taillights into the rear fenders.    If you've got an old truck and have been wondering how to bring the bed and fenders up a notch... this show will definitely give you some ideas!  

After that, Stacey shows you just how important having the proper work table is, and the kind of things you can do if you have one.  It's all about the tools... it's all about the techniques... it's all about GEARZ! Click here to go to our website for a sneak peak.   Another new episode will air next Saturday, June 5th as well.  You WON"T want to miss this one!  Ask any gearhead what they dream about doing, being a Blue Angels Jet pilot or an Astronaut will be right at the top of the list.  But what is really involved in being a pilot for the Blue Angels?  Well on this episode of GearZ,  Stacey takes a look at the incredible history of the Blue Angels, and where they are today.  

Then as only GEARZ can do,  Stacey takes you into the cockpit and allows you to experience firsthand the incredible experience of flying with the Blue Angels.  If sitting on top of thousands of horsepower and flipping inverted at the speed of sound sounds like fun to you... then hold on, because you are in for the ride of your life!  If you've ever wondered what it was like to be a part of the Blue Angels, and wondered if YOU could ever be a part of the team... this is one show you can't  miss! 

To find out more check out Stacey’s blog about the experience. We have also had some great opportunities to give away some great prizes from our friends at Royal Purple and Miller Electric.  All of our winners come from the What Are You Workin' On community.  If you haven't done so, already be sure to sign up.  There is one month left in the Royal Purple give away for the top participants on the site.  Also, Stacey is still picking member's rides to be showcased on GearZ in the What Are You Workin’ On? segment.  Each owner featured gets product donated by our friends at Miller Electric.  

Speaking of products, we have some cool new things available in the GearZ online store!  Custom GearZ shift knobs made by SpeedDawg; replenished supply of GearZ t-shirts for summer; and coming very soon, What Are You Workin On? ringer tees with some really cool graphics.  Be sure to check 'em out! Stacey will be in Vegas this weekend with the guys and a gal from American Graffiti to raise money for the Lili Claire Foundation at Gasoline Alley.  If your in the area be sure to stop by and say hi! From all of us at GearZ, have a great holiday weekend.  And like Stacey says... "Get out there and build it, then drive it like you stole it!"

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