Bumping Metal

July 06, 2021

Chances are, if you’ve pulled a car or truck out of a barn or a field or got a “steal” of a deal on craigslist, there’s going to be some metal work in your near future. Well, Stacey’s no different from the rest of us, and just to prove that he’s got a classic Jeep FC150 that needs some TLC in the metal department. Hang out with us as Stacey talks repair or new fabrication when facing dents, warps, and rust… and check out the nasty corner dent on the FC as Stacey explains how to read a dent and the many different techniques you can use to “Bump” some metal and pull that dent out.

Featuring: @LMCTruck - @Cornwell Quality Tools - @Woodward Fab - @MSD Performance Ignition - @Holley

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