Drag ‘N Wagon/Settin’ Up Shop

Season 7 Episode 1

Stacey puts a programmer on the Drag ‘N’ Wagon to finally bring the stripped down Ram Hot Rod truck to life. If you’ve been wondering what kind of performance potential these new Ram Express trucks have, wait until you see one lit up with a supercharger! Talk about breathing fire!After that Stacey lays out how to set up a shop with custom flooring, custom cabinets, and of course a lot of tools and toolboxes. If you’ve ever wondered about the best way to lay out a shop, and utilize your space, this is the show to see…….and GEARZ is the show to watch!

Dodge Truck Division

2011 Ram 1500 Express

Cornwell Tools

Various Toolboxes for your shop


Baer Brakes

Greening Auto Co

Custom Wheels

Falken Tire

Tires for Ram 1500 Express


Upholstery for Ram 1500 Express


Accessories for Ram 1500 Express


Supercharger for Ram 1500 Express


Ignition Coils for Ram 1500 Express

Diablo Sport

Programmer for supercharged Ram 1500 Express

Elite Garage Floors

Removable garage flooring

Hercke Cabinets

Cabinets, drawers & counter space for your garage

Skyjacker Suspensions

Lift kit for your side by side (Polaris Ranger Segment)


Cool bed for your dog

Heatshield Products

Various types of shielding for your project vehicle


Model building contest