Sasquatch or Swamp Spryte?

Season 18, Episode 5

If you’ve watched Gearz in the past, you’re probably familiar with our little Thiokol IMP Snowcat project. Well, today you get to meet the legendary big brother…the Thiokol Swamp Spryte! What? never heard of it? Well, that’s because they are extremely hard to find. Very few photographs exist of them, and they leave a very distinct footprint. Yeah, we’re talking the off-road version of Sasquatch. Well, that all changes today, because Stacey has captured one of these mythical vehicles and rolls it into the shop to give you an up-close look at what made the Swamp Spryte so unique. With a limited number made, this amphibious, all-terrain track vehicle is still a force to be reckoned with and will be even more so once Stacey does some restoration and upgrades on this old beast.
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