Tommy Ivo's Wagonmaster

Season 16, Episode 4

TV Tommy Ivo was a master showman on the Dragstrip. His acting chops, flair for the camera, and natural driving talent blended together to make him one of the most exciting drivers to watch in the 60’s and 70’s. Not only could he race, but when the NHRA banned Nitro, he was the first to modify dragsters for faster times, including a two-engine Buick, followed by an even more amazing all-wheel drive four engine Buick! This awesome machine, dubbed the Showboat, ran the length of the track buried in the smoke from four screeching slicks! The car was banned from competition, but able to run passes in exhibition races. The Showboat was later turned into The Wagonmaster, and continued to dominate the strip. Follow along as Stacey discovers The Wagonmaster in a friend's collection and dives into the restoration of this awesome machine. This week on GearZ!

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