1983 Chevrolet K10 Scottsdale

Donnie Payne
Bethlehem, GA

My wife and I recently picked up this K10 from family friends. This is going to be our first ground-up restoration. Currently doing rockers, cab corners and floor pans. This truck meant a lot to what is basically my second family. With that said, they said we will only sell it to you. We know you'll treat it right and fix it up. I'm only in my mid 30s but the love of older cars and trucks is a passion of mine. Wish I could do it full time as a job. The truck currently has a built 305 out of a '79 Conte Carlo. It's .030" over with a pretty decent cam. Has the SM465 4-speed transmission (which my wife has no clue how to drive). Has a 3-inch lift with 33x12.50" tires. 3.42 gears. The factory A/C has been taken off for whatever reason; it's Georgia so we will be putting that back in.

True duals with long tube headers and Flowmaster 10s. It's not in the worst of shape currently but once we get done it'll be a head turner. We plan on doing all the work ourselves. Body off to restore the frame. Then body work and paint in our garage is the ultimate goal with tons of learning involved. Have already started teaching my wife the ins and outs of working on classic vehicles, now our 4-year-old is right there with us. Going to be a family project over the next years. We have absolutely no idea on body and paint, but we are going to learn. Can tell it came from car guys, when it left their driveway could see their tears as we left with the truck. Have known this family for well over 20 years. I hope to be able to finish it so Bill the previous owner can see this thing in show quality shape. Sounds great idling and smells like an older vehicle. Already love it and cannot wait for the project to continue.